Veteran Couples And Families

flower Transitions from deployment to civilian life can be difficult on everyone in the family regardless of how much you all want to be together again. Unfortunately, the support systems for reintegration of families and couples is non-existent in many parts of the country. Even relationships that begin after the military career ended are affected by that experience in a variety of ways. As the wife of a Vietnam veteran for 39 years, I understand some of the difficulties and adjustments that veterans and their families face in this process.

I honor you, spouses and families for standing together with your veteran through a process where you may also experience secondary trauma from your loved one’s experiences. For those of you facing difficult challenges in this transition or for those still plagued with flashbacks or reactions to trauma triggers, there is hope that you can all gain better understanding and insight into the process, learn to recognize and diffuse the triggers, and strengthen your relationships. I will walk with you as you learn each other’s deepest needs and how to connect in a way that heightens safety, builds security, and brings healing to both of you.