Therapy for Individuals Couples, & Families


The decision to consider counseling therapy can be a hard one. Whatever motivated you to look into counseling therapy at this time, I want you to feel safe, heard, respected, and understood in a warm, caring environment where you can open up, thrive, and grow. The therapist-client relationship is an integral part of success in therapy and it is important to me that you feel comfortable and we are working together to help you reach your goals. I work with individuals, couples, and  families. .

Strengthening Relationships

When we have strong supportive relationships in our lives, it is much easier to weather the storms that come our way. I help clients work through issues, strengthen good relationships, and help couples and families develop better ways of coping,  managing stress, and connecting with one another in positive ways. I’m a trained SYMBIS Facilitator (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) and also utilize Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) that helps couples find better ways to communicate their deepest needs in ways that help them connect and understand one another in deep ways. I collaborate with you to develop your goals for therapy.

Hold Me Tight Program is an 8 week (16 hour) course offered for couples to build safe, secure, close relationships that can stand the test of time.

SYMBIS  – Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts includes an online assessment  tool that couples fill out separately and provides a great deal of information about expectations and attitudes about marriage in addition to how personality styles may affect their interactions to give couples useful information and areas that would benefit from open conversations about how you can blend the differences to create a complimentary relationship. Together, we unpack the results and talk about potential issues. This is suitable for premarital counseling, re-marriage counseling, or for couples who have been married a while.

Stress can permeate thoughts, strain relationships, damage the body, and decrease productivity. When stress elevates, we often react in coping patterns and negative relational cycles that hurt us more than they help us. Working through the trauma, thoughts, patterns, reactions, and needs can uncover healthier ways of coping that honors both self and others and meets core essential needs.

No one wants to feel isolated and alone. When you are going through a crisis and feel overwhelmed, you need someone to walk the journey with you. I will help you work through the tough times and find your joy again. At ICS, you will find a place to:


  • Unpack the negative interaction cycles that plague couple or family interactions and discover ways to stop the cycle
  •  and develop positive cycles that meet deeper needs
  • Explore the source of your stress and help you find ways to cope that work better for you
  • Explore and diffuse  the prompters from the past that still affect you
  • Learn new ways of dealing with issues (and people)
  • Proactively make choices to create the life you want
  • Uncover the thoughts and coping patterns that keep you stuck in an unproductive cycle
  • Affirm and find healthy ways to communicate and meet your essential needs
  • Develop new healthier ways of coping with stress.
  • Address how the crisis impacts spirituality and faith

I look forward to meeting you.

Want more information? You can learn more about me here, or call me at (206)-321-4850 to set up an appointment.